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If you live in the 21st century you probably have a Computer and a cellphone, that’s a no brainer. Skype is an innovative program that lets you make free phone calls and video conferences directly from your PC, a kind of computer-cellphone thing. If you never tried Skype it’s about time you do, you can talk with your off-shore buddies for free if you both have Skype on PC, or use Skype as a text messenger to keep in touch on a daily basis!

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Skype allows you to instant message your friends, lets you do free phone/video calls and help you connect to your Facebook friends and stay in touch with the world! Why pay extra when you can have Skype? Start using this fantastic app and save hundreds of dollars every month, and make your life that much easier! Skype For Computer comes in two versions:

Skype For Windows | Skype For Mac